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I am starting a blog to connect with people. One of my biggest problems is outside of school/work it is harder to connect with people. To start off I would just like to introduce myself a little bit. I am a crafty, creative, slightly annoying, chaotic person. I like rock music, musicals, acting, art, and sewing. Some of my hobbies are acting, writing music, writing stories, sewing, reading, drawing, painting, colouring, and singing. This blog will mainly consist of my creative activities and updates on my chaotic life.

The Weeping Willow

Willow was distracted walking down the stairs, the sun coming through the windows was beautiful. She missed a step and slid all the way to the landing. “Ow.” She groaned. Willow stood up and rubbed her arse. “That is going to leave a mark,” She said to no one in particular. Willow finished walking downContinue reading “The Weeping Willow”

The Jólakötturinn

It took me years to figure out what I was brought here to do, but I finally figured it out. My name is Jólakötturinn, but you can call me Yule Cat. It started when I was a kitten, I never craved human meat before but on the day of Yuletide there was one human thatContinue reading “The Jólakötturinn”

“Shh, He’s monologuing”

“I’m bored.” Willow moaned from the couch. Jaime, Jo, Aalia, and Willow were all sitting in the parlor. They had been sitting and talking for the past hour but eventually the chatter quieted down. Everyone looked around at each other expecting someone else to have the answer. “Well, I’m going to the library, if anyoneContinue reading ““Shh, He’s monologuing””

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